Life is Unique, Unique Memorials Inspires Ideas to Preserve Memories

Almost 38 years after my mother passed away, I had no unique memorials to remember her by except very few pictures, and a headstone in a cemetery several hours drive away. I actually now have a pretty hard time remembering what she was like. I decided it was time to change all that, and assemble memorials that she deserves and my kids can actually use to remember her by.

There are so many new and better ways to memorialize a person or even a pets life than when my mom passed it is mind boggling.I did not even realize what was out there. I was only 9 when she died, so as a child, I did not even receive the benefit of the traditional unique memorial gifts that the other older members of the family had.

Being the youngest sibling in the family, there is a 28 year age difference between my oldest brother and myself. So it has become more important for me to compile memorials for my mother to preserve for my children who are only 14, and 9 years old. We are faced with getting the most information we can and putting them together so they will be able to at least envision her life, and what she meant to all of us.

This has also inspired me somewhat to try to stress to others the importance of gathering information about your loved ones now, while they are still with you to have available when you need it the most so you will have memories to share hopefully for many years to come.

What I have found here, is certainly not every memorial or memorials available. I looked for the best ways to remember the ones most important to me. I hope you agree, and can appreciate the information written about the unique memorials located on these pages.

I have found while researching different memorials, there are some quite interesting things that are available today. The days of the old headstone with some writing and maybe a picture is not as popular as it once was. Come with me while I explain the new and different memorials of today and tomorrow.

Traditional headstones still remain as a long lasting way to memorialize your loved ones. They can be made in so many different ways, and as long as someone visits the site, and cares for the area, they last for hundreds of years. So I do reccomend a friend of mine that does excellent work with traditional headstones.

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