Writing Funeral Messages Can Help You Reflect and Share Your Relationship With Someone You Have Lost.

Funeral Messages can be a good way to begin the healing process. At some point in our lives, we will be affected by the death of someone in our lives. For me, it was the loss of my aunt as a teenager that first showed me how important the words of others during this difficult time were to me. Yet, like many other people, I find myself struggling to find the right words to express my sympathy when others experience a loss.

There are a number of different ways funeral messages can be expressed, and no one method is better than any other.You may find a poem or quote by another author that describes what you want to say. Some people will be asked to provide a eulogy, other people choose to say a prayer, and still others use poetry or scripture to convey their thoughts. Using the internet or books to find words to express yourself is often a good way to help gather your ideas. While you will most likely want to choose your own words, reading messages that others have written can help you start the process.Also, consider consulting with clergy and members of your church for ways to use funeral resolutions as part of the funeral message. This way you have a record that will be kept that reflects this persons relationship with the church as well as funeral messages that are delivered at the funeral service. For more information about

Funeral Messages and Resolutions

When I lost my aunt, I found that the messages that were most meaningful to me contained a story or a reminder of her that made me smile. If you are writing a message for a loved one, try to remember a story that brings to mind a particular characteristic that the person valued in themselves or that others will enjoy. When my aunt passed on, one person at her funeral told a story about how she would buy snack cakes for her dogs and sneak the dogs treats when she thought no one was looking. That story reminded us all of her great love for animals, her generosity, and her mischievous nature. To help start the process, and ideas for funeral messages, you may want to talk to people who were close to your loved one to remind you of the many happy memories they have of him/her.

After you have selected the words that you want to use, you must then decide how you want to present them. If you will be writing your message, practice it by writing on a piece of scrap paper first. This will ensure your message fits in the space you need it to, and gives you a chance to be sure it says what you want it to say. If your message is going to be spoken, spend a few minutes practicing. You can give your speech in a mirror, or if possible, practice in front of other friends or family. Keep in mind that while you may have many things to say about the person you have lost, your message is likely not the only one that will be given at the service. Consider what length of time is appropriate, and match your words to ensure you get the most important parts of your funeral message across in the time you have. While speaking, it is OK to be emotional, as others will expect this.

However you choose to express your feelings about someone who has passed on, remember that your words can go a long way toward helping family and friends as they heal. Your message is important, and as long as you speak from the heart, there is no wrong way to express yourself.

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