A Short Story About What Memorial Jewelry Has Meant To Me

This true story has given me new meaning to what memorial jewelry means. My mother passed away when I was only nine years old. Recently I have been looking for better ways to memorialize her because a headstone with a name and date did not really help me much since I did not remember a whole lot about her anyway.

Talking with my older sister about her revealed something I was not aware of. A few years before my moms illness, the older kids got together and bought her a very nice birthstone ring with all the kids stones on it.

This ring was a special ring to her that she always wore. When she passed away, she was buried with that ring.

I found out later that the kids had saved up for quite some time to buy the ring, and some were a little torn as to whether to bury the ring with her because it would be gone forever.

Although she has been gone for 38 years, all my brothers and sisters still remember the ring they got her just like it was yesterday.

So it has become memorial jewelry even though that was not its original purpose.

I have thought about this and what I would want for a memorial or maybe purchase in someones memory as a keepsake to be worn.

The first thought I had was to to search for memorial tear jewelry that I could wear in her honor. What I found was some tasteful items that were not too expensive yet still had a unique look that served as a nice memorial to wear in her honor. Listed below are two providers that had a nice selection of memorial tear jewelry.

Memorial Tear ® Sterling Silver Pendant

Memorial Jewelry

It is now possible to take a sample of cremated ashes or hair from a loved one, and use that sample as an ingredient to develop a diamond jewelry piece. The process results in a beautiful item that lasts just as an original diamond would, but these have the significance of your loved ones memory to treasure.

All that you would need is a lock of hair or a sample of cremation ashes to use the Signature Carbon to grow the new diamond. Your choices are endless as to what type jewelry you can make. It can be cut in many different ways, and set in a large array of different jewelry.

memorial jewelry

My favorite part of memorial diamond jewelry is that you can have something made that lasts forever, that could be a memorial for you, or even a wedding ring to start a new life that will remind you of someone special.

This is not limited to people. A special pets Carbon could be used to make the same quality memorial jewelry. Times have changed, and the choices of memorials has improved with the times.

Additional Memorial Jewelry information

Memorial Jewelry Diamonds

While reading about jewelry, perhaps you thought about your pet, and how to memorialize them as well. Included in the Unique Memorials website, is an area devoted to your pet. Below is a link to our Free Pet Memorials page where you can easily build your own free pet memorial with photos.

Free Pet Memorials

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