Description of What a Funeral Resolution is and an Example of Funeral Resolution

A funeral resolution is an official church document that is stored in the church archives and usually follows a set format. Listed below is an example of funeral resolution.

Funeral resolutions should not be confused with a eulogy. The eulogy given is more focused on the celebration of your loved ones life with stories about that person. Whereas a funeral resolution is more pointed towards that persons relationship with god.

There some churches that require a set procedure to follow with the funeral resolution. Others are not as formal, and seems closer to a eulogy.

The first thing to do if you are involved in the writing of funeral resolutions is to ask for help from your pastor. They usually will assist with the process, and there is usually a sample resolution at the church to use as a guideline.

The resolution begins with the title which includes phrases such as: A resolution in loving memory of followed by the name of the deceased, or A resolution of respect for follwoed by the deceased name.

Next there will be a short introduction of faith and acknowledgement with their relationship with god followed by a reading of scripture and a fueral hymn.

The Whereas statements usually come next and they contain explanations of the deceased relationship with god, service to the church, and support to their family. These statements are preceded by whereas.

The Therefore statements are the resolution statements. Such as: Therefore be it resolved or Further be it resolved. This part will need to be clarified as to the who, what when and where of the resolution. The church will be able to help with the format of these statements.

The conclusion may include a comforting statement to the family and the deceased is now at peace.

Requirements vary for a funeral resolution, but most follow a similar format to the example below.

TYPE:Church Resolution in loving memory of James R Smith

Let it be known that in your time of loss, the lord is with you every step of the way. James believed in the path of righteousness, and he knew the one who loved him most was always beside him. We, the members of the Antioch Family church want your family to know that our prayers are with you as we bid a christian goodbye to James Smith,a man of faith.

WHEREAS, James R Smith joined our church 43 years ago as a young man, and was an active supporter of the church.

WHEREAS, James R Smith was a man of few words, he kept his bible close by and could be seen reading from it daily.

WHEREAS, James R Smith was a family man and taught his children and Grandchildren to follow the ways of the lord.

WHEREAS, The passing of our brother in Christ is the will of god and although the human bonds that fills our hearts with sorrow, will be replaced with joy as we know that James is now in a much better place.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that we embrace the family because all of us have a common bond that will connect us for the rest of your lives. We can not replace James R. Smith, but will attempt to demonstrate his love for you.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That a 30 day period will be set aside as official mourning with personal mention and a passage of scripture to be read in memory of James R Smith.

We acknowledge the family of James R Smith. Your loss is great, but heaven has gained a noble servant. We want you to know that your family will always have a place here at Atioch Family Church, and we will be here to help you in any way we can.

The example of funeral resolution above would be more detailed about Mr Smiths service to his church and community, as well as a scripture passage and hymn at some point in the ceremony. There could also be additional references to Mr Smiths Family.

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