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With most of my friends and family members memorial headstones located in many different locations, and trying to visit these grave markers scattered across the country, I decided that it will be different for me.

Times have changed, and so has what the meaning of memorial headstones are. I no longer believe that I need to be placed in a grave only to be forgotten a few years down the road, and then left for some stranger to do the upkeep on my headstone and plot.

So I took a look at some other options. I do not mind being buried at a cemetery, but would rather have some other ways to be memorialized than just a memorial headstone.

I found one way to get this was through a new technology that involves saving your information for the ages through a database that is stored indefinitely. This can be accessed through the internet, but the information is not lost if a server goes down, it is stored digitally and will be available for hundreds of years. This also has traditional features like a granite stone that can be placed on a traditional grave marker, or kept at home as a keepsake. The final benefit here is that you can also access this with your cell phone by inputting the stones url and access numbers. personal rosetta stone

But the really high tech feature that got me was cell phones with this up and coming technology called NFC-RFID can just bring up your loved ones memorial simply by touching the stone. You can have your memorial with personal information like who they were, or what they liked, or even my moms favorite recipe, which would have thrilled her if she was still with us. This information, with standard symbols to show your profession, or if you were a parent, other symbol choices, and for around two hundred bucks, it seemed like a good possibility to me.

Additional Rosetta Stone Information

Another replacement from the traditional memorial that excited me, if that is possible for this subject, was a ride in space.

Now it is possible to have a part of your cremated remains launched into space. They have several different options, and based on the video from customers, and the reputation of the company, this is a real option that makes a lot better sense to me then being forgotten in the ground. See the link below with more information about space flight and a way to contact me (Ralph), about this high tech memorial.

Memorial Headstones space flight

The last high tech item that got my interest was the online memorial. This, along with being cremated or a traditional burial and memorial headstone seemed like a good fit. There are some downsides to the online memorial that I noticed though. Finding a reliable provider has to be done with some research. I have even come across providers who were supposed to be good companies to use for this service, only to find broken links on the site. Also, when I used their contact form, I got no reply. Besides unreliable providers, you have to usually pay to have the site set up, and pay a hosting fee annually. There is also the possibility of a server crash where all the data could be lost.

More online memorial information available here

Besides the high tech replacements for the standard memorial headstone, it is now even possible to have your whole funeral broadcast over the internet as it happens, and saved for future viewing. I am not sure if that is what I would care to do, but today times and people do change.

Hope you found the information interesting, At the bottom on the page is additional information about high tech memorial headstone technology.

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