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To help assist anyone who wants to find obituary information, I include a link to a great resource called Cyndi's List.

This site is at first a little intimidating due to the huge amount of links you see when you visit the site for the first time. Use the search Cyndi's site feature to narrow your search criteria so the choices are not so numerous.

Cyndi has been compiling genealogy information since the 90s, and the resources to locate deaths and family tree information is vast.

You can find funeral homes obituaries through searching her site, by clicking on the related categories column on the right side of the page. Next, scroll down the page where you will find ways to locate funeral homes, last, search the funeral homes deaths listing.

Online obituaries sites within Cyndi's list is vast. Take your time to get accustomed to the site and try different links to see which ones put out the best information for your needs.

There are also Newspapers listings on the site so newspapers that meet your requirements for the area searched can help you find the current listing and usually an archive.

Also you will find stand alone obituary websites. Check them closely to see how well they compile the information.

Cyndi's List is huge so try not to be overwhelmed by all the links.Just take your time until you learn how to navigate the site.

The Link is below

Free Funeral Obituaries

While searching death notices in my family's home state, I started noticing many past decedents with the same last name fairly close to where we live.

Could we all be related some how? I never really spent much time doing any family tree or genealogy research to see where our families roots were or where anyone was located.

I was not even too sure where my grandparents were buried at since there there is a huge age difference between my siblings and me. I had not spoke to them about our family history in detail.

So with the resources on Cyndi's list for genealogy research, I plan to start trying to track down some family history, and some new found family members I hope.

There is also a fast growing company online that helps you find your ancestry information. So start a family tree to see.


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