Meaningful Unique Memorial Gifts and Ideas

What do you think of when choosing unique memorial gifts for the family and friends of someone you have lost? Let me share with you what strikes me as meanigful memorial gift ideas. These ideas are more than the usual card or framed picture type meorial that is pretty common. I have searched to find unique memorial gifts that have meaning and can be put to use fro your family and friends. Listed below are four different memorial gift ideas that I hope you will find useful.

Unique Memorial Gifts

Memorial Quilts

There are many reasons why Memorial Quilts make one of the best unique memorial gifts. Let me share a short story that continues to touch my heart about quilts.

When we bought our first house when my wife and I were just starting out together, there was a nice older lady (Ethelena Smith), who owned the house we were buying and was moving to an assisted living facility. When we were moving in, we found a beautiful light blue baby quilt that the former owner made just for us with a note attatched that read "To the Hudsons for your first born".

Well it was about three years later that we welcomed our son Sean into the world, and how fitting that the quilt Mrs Smith made for us was blue. We used this quilt during Seans infancy, and we continue to cherish her thoughtful gift to us.

The other important thing about the quilt is that it also memorialized Mrs Smiths memory as a kind and giving person because she passed away two years after we prurchased the house of cancer. So this quilt has special meaning to us as a unique memorial gift.

So with a quilt you have a tangeble item that you get to use and keep as a reminder of someones life that can be personalized with unlimited ways to memorialize that persons life. And they just get better with age. I recently noticed an idea where a quilter used some select items of clothing to make a quilt.

I also like quilts made with pictures that have been printed on a special material and sewn into the quilt. As an owner of a custom t shirt shop, I have had the priviledge of printing the pictures to be sewn into the quilts for many folks. We now live close to a military base, and we have made many photo collections to be sewn into quilts for fallen soldiers.

I certainly do not push my services, but I would be happy to print your pictures on the peachskin material for use on your unique memorial gifts quilt if you like for an affordable price. I can also have a great person who makes quilts for me make the quilt as I do not quilt myself.But the person who quilts these unique memorial gifts sews the pictures into the quilt for me, and together we coordinate to make your quilt exactly the way you desire. I have included a contact me form below that is opt in so you know there is no spam or any information given to any other parties. You can also see more about photo Memorial Quilts in the link below.

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unique memorial gifts wildflowers

Wildflower Memorial Gifts

This was another one of meaningful memorial gift ideas. This is so easy to do and spreads a natural beauty such as wildflowers to be planted by members of the family and friends in remembrance of the deceased. This can be done for a fee as all things are, but if you are willing to do a little effort, you could do this yourself for an affordable cost. You can simply find a greenhouse or other outlet that provides seeds and ask for a wildflower combination to be put together and bagged.

All you would need to do then was either place a small seed amount in cups, containers, or even envelopes and place them at the location where the guestbook will be signed. A note describing what thw wildflowers are for, and an invitation to spread them in honor of your loved one is all you need. This memorial gift idea was found at memorial service being held at our local funeral home.


One of the best ways to show your loved ones family or friends that you care is with a charitable donation. Many times the family will establish a group or scholarship who they have chosen as where they would like donations to made in their honor. This is one of the best uniqe memorial gifts you can give to show that you care. I remember seeing a paticular scolarship being awarded to a student and how it was of a great benefit to the student, and an admirable way to memorailize the person it was named in honor of. We lost two very dear friends in a car accident several years ago. We still miss them and think of them almost daily, but knowing that every year through donations from some caring folks, they are remembered in a sholarship award to an aspiring student. If a charitable donation has not been establihed for someone you have lost, it is never too late to do this. What a pleasant surprise to your loved ones family to know you care with a donation to a cause in their name.

Planting a Tree

Planting a tree in someones honor is another meanigful example of our unique memorial gifts. This can be done very easily, and is affordable as well if you utilize a foundation like Arbor Day to get a tree which is very little cost. I would suggest that the tree be planted on a property perhaps the family owns or in an area that will allow the tree growing room. My wifes parents planted a small tree in the cemetery close to where one of their loved ones were laid to rest. This is good where the cemetery allows this, but remember that you may have to care for the tree after it is planted to ensure it survives the first few years of growth at least.

Trees are unique memorial gifts because they last a long time, helps the environment, and is a lasting reminder of a life well lived. You will need to know a few things to help ensure your tree survives and thrives once it has been planted.

1.Tree Selection The Arbor day foundation or your local nursery can help you select a tree that has the best chance of survial as well as the look and size of the tree.

2. When to plant This is an important step to consider as it can determine whether the tree will live after being planted in your desired location. A good rule of thumb is to plant in the fall when things are at a cool period prior to winter. This allows the tree to begin to take root, and does not shock the tree, as they can die easily when the tree is active.

3. Fertilizer and Watering Depending on the type of tree you have chosen, you will want to get some information on the water requirements and what type of fertilizes works best. It is a good idea to place mulch aruond the base of the tree to hold moisture in and protect the base of the tree.

4. Disease recognition or other tree health issues Lastly, if you can catch a problem that you may suspect early, the chances of saving the tree is much more likely. The early years of the trees life is critcal and if you notice the leaves are drooping or discolored prior to when they would begin to fall off naturally, this can be an indication of a disease, lack of water, or other factors. Consult your local nursery for information on what to look for and prevention tips.

Unique memorial gifts can also be simple things that were important in that persons life. With a liitle imagination and creativity you will be able to produce your own meaningful memorial gift ideas.

Bronze Memorial Plaques

I have included Bronze Memorial Plaques as a possibility for your unique memorial gifts because these products remain popular and stand the test of time. A quality bronze memorial plaque from a company with a good reputation will produce a beautiful plaque that has that aged petina that looks grand. When chooseing a company to make your memorial plaque, click on the link below for tips and helpful information about

Bronze Memorial Plaques

As a final note, I also believe that due to the popularity and the ways they can be personalized, memorial candles make a great gift to the family or friends of a lost loved one. They also can signify the memorial when lit during certain occasions. Now that you can upload pictures and whatever you would like to write about that person, it makes the memorial candles more personal. The link below provides further information about candles, and choosing an online company to purchase from.

Memorial Candles information

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