Choosing A Pet Memorial Is Not Easy!

Choosing the right pet memorial.

We all love our pets. If you have a dog for instance, then you know that they love you unconditionally. They will defend you to the end in most cases, and endure many extremes to do what you want them to do.

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Included in the Unique Memorials website, is an area devoted to your pet. Below is a link to our Free Pet Memorials page where you can easily build your own free pet memorial with photos.

Free Pet Memorials

When you experience a pet death, it can be just as devastating as loosing a member of the family. A fitting memorial is a natural way to remember your pet. But how much money is appropriate for you to spend on your pet? For many, the answer is just as much as another family member.

I knew an older gentleman who lived across the street from our family. I ended up looking after his yard for the last few years of his life. He was an avid hunter and fisherman in his younger days. I remember when I started cutting the yard, he told me to be careful and not damage the headstone in the back yard.

The headstone was for one of his hunting dogs that was very special to him. The stone was engraved with the dogs name and when he died.

The date was in 1947. This person was so fond of his dog that he had a pet monument put up way back then. I was always careful when I trimmed around that stone.

The memorial was very fitting for this gentleman as he was buried on his property, and would always have the memorial close by. Having my own property I might do the same thing.

There are pet cemeteries to place your pet if that is what you would prefer. But trying to visit them if they are located a distance away could make that a little difficult.

Pet Memorial choices are just as vast as any humans nowadays, so what would be a suitable memorial? I have compiled what I believe are unique for pets and humans alike.

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Pet Memorial Urn

This seems to be a viable choice especially nowadays when having a pet cremated is as easy as doing the same procedure with humans. But if I am to go to that expense, than I would also prefer to have a glass blown urn to keep their remains in. There are thousands of pet urn choices though, and they are easy to find.

For me there is something unique about having an artist hand make a this piece for my pet. They are one of a kind, just like your pet was.

Read more about Pet Urns here

Pet Memorial Stone

This memorial stone may not be what you think. This stone can be added to a regular headstone if you wish, or as a keepsake to be kept at home.

This stone is a small granite tablet that is encoded with a url and numbers to identify your pet. It can be accessed with your cellphone that will bring up a picture and information that you want to remember about your pet. It is a newer technology that is an inexpensive alternative to the entire burial or cremation process.

personal rosetta stone

Read more about the Personal Rosetta Stone here

Pet Memorial Jewelry

If your pet death has left you with a void in your life, perhaps a ring or other jewelry set will help you to memorialize your pet for a lifetime. With a small sample of your pets hair or cremated remains, a beautiful diamond can be made from the samples Signature Carbon. This is the ultimate way to memorialize a special pet that was a part of your life.

See more information about creating a diamond for your pet.

Pet Memorial Plaques

Pet Memorial Plaques are an affordable way to remember your pet. They start at around twenty dollars for a nice personalized plaque. This is a visible reminder that you can display on the wall that looks nice as well. The one we liked the best had a picture and some writing we chose to remember him by.

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