Pet Memorial Plaques Are A Great Way To Remember Your Pet

Why are Pet Memorial Plaques a good way to remember your pet?

A few years back when we lost our best cat we ever had, we placed him carefully in our back yard and wrapped him in his favorite blanket. His name was Sugar, but he did not have any white on him whatsoever. My son named him for us when we got him as a kitten, and our son was only four.

That cat would tolerate all the abuse a four year old boy can put a pet through, and never bite or scratch him. It was almost like he knew not to hurt him.

As the years went by and our son started growing up, he still had a soft spot for Sugar, and would always pet him as soon as he got home from school. As anyone knows who has ever owned a cat, they have personality. I think what I remember best is how our dog would bark and run all around Sugar to try to get him upset, but he would just ignore him.

We had Sugar for almost ten years when he became ill, and within a week he was gone. The vet really did not know what was wrong with him. We thought he would be around for several more years anyway.

So after we lost him we had some pictures of him but that was about it. After some thought we decided to consider pet memorial plaques as a way to remember him best. This way we could hang it on the wall somewhere that it could be seen easily.

We had also looked at a few other things as a pet memorial, but this seemed like the best choice, mainly because they were not too expensive, and having the memorial plaque on the wall, you would see it and reflect on his life with us.

Pet Memorial Plaques are pretty easy to find and you can buy a personalized pet memorial for around twenty dollars. This is one made from wood or plastic. Anything brass we looked at was over one hundred dollars and up. The one we bought had a picture of Sugar and some writing that we chose to help remember him by. If you would like to look at the company that made ours here is the link for them.

Pet Memorial Photo and Poem© Plaque

The link below is for the actual brass memorial pet plaque, which is a nice item, but is over 100 dollars in price. pet memorial plaques

While reading about pet plaques, perhaps you thought about your pet, and how to memorialize them as well. Included in the Unique Memorials website, is an area devoted to your pet. Below is a link to our Free Pet Memorials page where you can easily build your own free pet memorial with photos.

free pet memorials

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