Pet Memorial Stone Addition Or Replacement

I have owned many pets during my life. I did not use a pet memorial stone to mark their resting place. When we placed our pet on our property, we would plant flowers or a plant to mark the area. They have left me with a lot of nice memories. I do not have memorials to remember them by except for some pictures. With all the choices available now, from now on, I plan to use some sort of marker or memorial for my pets.

I love my dog. She is Belgian Malanois, fancy name for a shepherd. She is gentle with the kids, but protective when necessary. She likes to chase balls and sticks, and she always comes when I call her name. That is just a few things I love about her.

With remembering my pet after she is gone in mind, I have been looking for something as a memorial so I remember the great times we have together. I would probably not buy a traditional pet memorial stone and place her in a pet cemetery because it is not practical for me.

A particular type of pet grave markers has caught my attention as a possibility.

Through some research, I found exactly what I believe to be an excellent addition to or replacement for pet memorial stones.

It is called a Personal Rosetta Stone. It is a small granite tablet that can be affixed to a traditional headstone, or kept as a family keepsake. The things that made this a perfect fit for me was the fact that not only were there symbols on the stone that reflected my pets life, I was able to record information into a data file with whatever I wanted to share about her life that could be accessed in several ways.

This data file though was not like any other file I ever knew of because the information is stored digitally in a secure database that is not subject to a server failure that can happen with a website memorial. You can still get the information through an internets url though.

This is where old meets new, because you could visit the cemetery where your pet is located, take out your cell phone, touch the phone to the stone and the file is displayed on the phone with a picture, and the information you have stored about them.

Now some of the technology is pretty new, and it takes a cell phone with the reader capability for the touch feature. But there is text on the Personal Rosetta Stone that can be typed into your cell phones web browser that will bring up the files as well.The stones owner can also change the information stored in the file if they want to.

The best part about this is no matter where you live, or where your pet is located, you can always access the information. If you keep the tablet at home, you also have the memorial close by at all times. This is not like any pet memorial stone you have seen before.

If this is something you would like to take a closer look at see the link below for the company site, you will not be disappointed.

Sidebar- the link takes you to the order page of their site. I know you will want to investigate the site and see what they do. If by chance you return to the order page and decide to get a pet memorial stone from them, you may need my referral code of rs55. That way you will get a better deal than the regular price they offer. Oh one more thing, they will definately make a pet memorial stone for you even though they do not mention that service, just inquire and they will make whatever you like.

Pet Memorial Stone

While reading about pet memorials, perhaps you thought about your pet, and how to memorialize them as well. Included in the Unique Memorials website, is an area devoted to your pet. Below is a link to our Free Pet Memorials page where you can easily build your own free pet memorial with photos.

Free Pet Memorials

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