Is an Online Memorial Right For You?

Today we have more options to choose from when it comes to memorials for our loved ones. A possible choice is an online memorial.

If you have considered a memorial website, then you have probably noticed that they are not all the same. There are so many choices to decide on, and if you are using a reliable service to host your memorial.

I have been doing some research on online memorials, and will share what I have found to be the advantages, and disadvantages to this type of memorial.

1. Cost Shop around. Fees vary greatly from one provider to the next. The best ones have an option for a one time fee so you will not have to pay ongoing fees for a subscription and hosting charges. Look to see what you get for your money.

2. Reliability Do some research. Investigate any provider of your potential online monument by taking these precautions. Contact the company to see if they are quick to respond to any questions you may have. Ask them how long they have been in business. Navigate the site to make sure all of the features are working. Is the site active with participants- a tell tale sign of a bad provider is links in the site that do not work, and very little activity on the site. Read the testimonials- it is better to see testimonials on the site that show the dates, that way you can see how recent the activity has been. Another good question to ask is if they back up the site information so yours will not be lost in the event of a server crash.

3. Functionability Do I have to provide information to the webmaster for them to build for me, or is there a back office where I can upload the information myself. Some better providers of an online memorial will have free trial or try before you buy option available. I think these are the best not only because of the no cost up front, but you can try the service to see if you can operate the features.

4. Features Does the service provider have features that you want. There are many features available for an online memorial. Typical features that are desirable include: an easy to use format, a unique web address for your loved one, ability to write what you like about your loved ones life, ability to let others share their comments about your loved one, place a good amount of pictures and video on the memorial website, and create a time line of events of their life.

5. Privacy Some folks would rather not show their online monument with everyone. Many providers have a password protected feature where you would give the password to only the people who you wish to view the memorial. Also you as the customer, should be able to edit the website content whenever you like, and delete any unwanted comments from others that you wish. Following the advise I have listed here, should have you well on your way to finding a quality provider for an online memorial.

During my quest to find a provider who meets the quality checks listed above, I found one called that is worthy of a look.

Online Memorial site info

While reading about the pros and cons of online memorials, perhaps you thought about your pet, and how to memorialize them as well. Included in the Unique Memorials website, is an area devoted to your pet. Below is a link to our Free Pet Memorials page where you can easily build your own free pet memorial with photos.

Free Pet Memorials

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