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I remember my dad telling me that when my mom died in 1972, cemetery headstones cost around one thousand dollars. I was only nine then, and now, the pink granite stone they chose still looks nice. The problem that it is starting to lean, and I have trouble remembering my mothers life bothers me. I knew it was time to do something different.

rosetta stone

I just did not feel like a headstone was enough of a memorial for my mother even though it has been 38 plus years since she passed.

I gathered some information from remaining family and friends about her to record and possibly use for a more suitable memorial. I had decided that there had to be a better record for a persons life than cemetery headstones. The whole concept of the only lasting memorial to be found about her was an old fashioned headstone with nothing more than a name and date.

I looked into purchasing an updated custom headstone, but the cost was high, and I really would not get much more on the stone then was already there.

Through some research, I found exactly what I believe to be an excellent addition to or replacement for cemetery headstones.

It is called a Personal Rosetta Stone. It is a small granite tablet that can be affixed to a traditional headstone, or kept as a family keepsake. The things that made this a perfect fit for me was the fact that not only were there symbols on the stone that reflected my mothers life, I was able to record information into a data file with whatever I wanted to share about her life that could be accessed in several ways.

This data file though was not like any other file I ever knew of because the information is stored digitally in a secure database that is not subject to a server failure that can happen with a website memorial. You can still get the information through an internets url though.

This is where old meets new, because you could visit the cemetery where your loved one is located, take out your cell phone, touch the phone to the stone and the file is displayed on the phone with a picture, and the information you have stored about them.

Now some of the technology is pretty new, and it takes a cell phone with the reader capability for the touch feature. But there is text on the Personal Rosetta Stone that can be typed into your cell phones web browser that will bring up the files as well.The stones owner can also change the information stored in the file if they want to.

If this is something you would like to take a closer look at see cemetery headstones for the company site, you will not be disappointed.

P.S. The link brings up the order page, you will probably want to look over the whole site to see what they are all about first, as well as what options suit your needs. you will notice that the order page that comes up on the link below has a price that is lower than what is listed if you explore the site first, then place an order. So, enter my special price code rs55 to get the better deal when you place your order.

Cemetery Headstones

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