Why I Chose Memorials as an Online Business

If you have found your way to this page, you probably know my site is about Unique Memorials. This page is more about me and why I chose this as an online business. So some background on me. My name is Ralph, and live in Northeast Kansas, about 30 miles North of Manhattan, home of Kansas State University. I have a day job as a maintenance supervisor. My off time is spent enjoying the flinthills with the family. I have a passion for having an online business, and have been in business in one form or another for about 11 years. I incorporated in 1999 due to the nature of the service business I started at that time.

Since then I have felt the effects of the economy which placed back in the workforce as an employee. So I have ventured further into online business ventures, which I enjoy even more than when I operated the service business.I chose Memorials as one of my business ventures because I had already been looking for memorials for a relative, and after some research found the topic interesting, and was able to relate some of my life stories into memorial products. Every business venture I pursue, in one form or another is a passion, and why would anyone want to be in business, especially an online business, and not enjoy or be passioate about what they did.

When I decided to build a website, I had no knowledge whatsoever of how to do so. I just knew there were lots of people making a good living at it, and set a goal to do the same. I started out as many do trying the put a storefront site today, and prepare to start making sales. I even knew then that was probably false, but I drained some money and time getting nothing for my efforts.

Fast forward to today, and I have several successful websites, and write articles to promote them and little else. This site is very young, and I already rank as high as 22 for one of my most profitable keywords, and I know nothing about Search Engine Optimization, and do not even care to.

How do you do this you ask. Through trial and error I found a few things that actually worked. They are not a secret formula or magic that does the job. It really comes down to putting in some honest effort, and getting a little help from a reliable source. I promote this resource because I want to, and believe in what they do. I am also an affiliate so if you take my advice and follow the links below, I will make a commission if you use the help as well. But do your due dilligence, and prove me right or wrong by researching Solo Build It. They over deliver on everything at an affordable cost.

So If you could use some schooling to get your idea off the ground, then look at the e learning link. This is for folks who prefer courses and a step by step approach.

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The other link is a video action guide about Solo Build It. It is the one I use to build this site.

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