Sugar, our favorite tabby cat ever

by Dan

sugars pet memorial

sugars pet memorial

Sugar was a special cat. We had him for almost 10 years.
Our first born son picked him out and named him. He was a tabby but we just went with what our boy named him as Sugar.

I wanted to put up a pet memorial for him so we have a place for us to go online anytime we want and reflect on the good times we had with him.

I want to mention how our kids grew up with him, and how he would let them pull his fur, carry him around the place in ways a cat probably should not have been carried, and he just put up with it, although sometimes he would find a place to hide if he had enough.

Last, we will never forget how, when we lived in the farmhouse, he would bring in his catch to put on display for all to see. Mom and Dad would quickly remove his catch so the kids did not have to see it.

We love you sugar, and we will always remember you, and especially how you waited for me to get home from work that night before you left us!

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